Teeth Whitening

Teeth can become discoloured over time for many different reasons. Coffee, tea or smoking may cause teeth staining but the teeth can also darken naturally due to age. We offer two teeth whitening solutions to help get you that brighter smile.

  1. In-Office Tooth whitening
    In this procedure a protective barrier is placed around the gums and a whitening gel is applied to the teeth for approximately one hour.
  2. Take Home Whitening
    In this procedure impressions are made of the teeth and these are used to make whitening trays that fit your teeth exactly. This ensures that the whitening gel is in direct contact with your teeth and produces an optimum result. An appropriate whitening gel product is then given to you to use at home with the whitening trays. Typically the whitening trays are worn from 15 minutes to 1 hour a day. The complete whitening treatment takes about two weeks. Patients often experience less sensitivity with this option compared to in-office whitening as the home whitening treatment is spread out over time.

Please note that the whitening of discoloured teeth is not recommended for everyone. It is advised that you discuss all your options concerning the best teeth whitening products with Dr. Saggu.

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